Middeleeuws Ter Apel 2011

In early September 2011 I made a trip to Mideleeuws Ter Apel, one, if not the best medieval fair I attended so far. It is always frustrating to see how bad most of the medieval fairs in Germany are, especially knowing, only a few meters over the border to the Netherlands there is an event, were people try more then only camping in clothes they have seen in a cheep Hollywood flick and then claim to be medieval.

The event is placed around the medieval monastery of Ter Apel founded in 1465, which is just the right ambience for a late 15th century reenactment event. There is also a battle between soldiers of Groningen and Ter Apel for the independence of Ter Apel. The victory of the poor small Ter Apel over the oppressor is of cause unavoidable. But taking photos of a battle seems to me like advanced sports photography and so in order to get usable pictures I need to practice more.

But never the less I think I got some good pictures of the event. All are taken with a Nikon D300 and most of them with a Sigma 18-200mm f/3,5-6,3

So I hope for more events at such a high quality level and more German organisers, who change form commercial to quality.