Anti ACTA demonstration Münster

Today I have something different to share and it is going to be a little bit political. Last week I red about a anti ACTA demonstration in Aachen today, but since I was going to spend the weekend at me parents I wasn’t able to go there and after a short search on the internet I found out, that there was also a demonstration in Münster and so I decided to joint them in their fight against ACTA.

If you have no idea what ACTA is and how it could influence the Internet and also the rest of the world, just read hear (link deprecated).

So today I marched together with about 1000 people through Münster and tried to show our disapprove with the plans of ACTA and I have to say, I was really surpriced about the number, taking account of the temperature and the fact, that the German government decided to not sign the agreement.

But no more words, I’ll just let the pictures speak for them self and if you like them, click the flattr button.