Middeleeuws Ter Apel 2012

Since it was once again time to go to Ter Apel, you can see that the first year of this photo blog is now definitely over. And once again it was a very interesting and educative event, in terms of reenactment as well as photography. For example it was the first time I really tried to capture a battle and while I thought during the action I did a good job, during processing I realized a lot of thing I have to do better next time.

But now a little bit about the event. The first thing, I noticed, was the size, which increased quit impressively over the last years. With that I also recognized a decline in the quality of the shown reenactment. Please don’t understand me wrong: Middeleeuws Ter Apel still has quality in the shown stuff, which is far above most medieval events in Germany and nearly all I have so far been to. But there are for example more reenactors wearing motorcycle boots or other not fitting cloths or one camp, which had a pushchair and other stuff for babies laying around under their awning.

After thinking a little bit, I came up with three reasons for these flaws: Number one might be that by getting bigger an event of cause needs more camps and so it is harder for the organizers to pick only the high quality camps. Perhaps there even aren’t enough high quality camps willing to participate at a particular event, for multiple possible reasons and not necessarily a to low quality of the event in the first place (in the case of Middeleeuws Ter Apel I don’t think that is the case, but on the other hand I am no expert on the medieval reenactor scene, so don’t weigh my words to much.) An other reason for my observation especially of low quality reenactors walking around at the area might be that these weren’t reenactors from camps, but visitors. This is of cause a problem not easy to handle by the organizers, but I think there are some events, which have a very interesting and I think also effective solution: only visitors in modern clothes are allowed entrance. And if there are people, who want to go in fitting clothes, they have to register and show pictures of there clothes. That is a rather hard regulation, but I think it would be an improvement to the quality and the ambiance of an event. At last it could also be that there isn’t really that much an decline in quality, but I am just more trained in seeing not fitting parts in a presentation. Since I am also constantly trying to improve my own stuff and therefore have to learn more about everything concerning a given epoch, there is also more I can spot not fitting to it. That would mean it isn’t a objective development, but my subjective perception.

I don’t think it is possible to point the finger to one of the problems and by fixing it reversing all the development, but it rather is a combination of these and other problems, I so far didn’t even came up with, and therefore it is not really possible to fix everything. Not at last it is not possible to present a perfect reenactment, since not everything can be reproduced and in the end we all are people of the 21st century, so there will always be flaws in the presentation, which will be spotted by an expert eye.

But after writing so much negative stuff, I want again point out that it was a great day in Ter Apel and that I had allot of fun, so I am excited to visit Middeleeuws Ter Apel again next year.

And really as last point in this post, if you like the pictures I took, please click the flattr button beneath the gallery, so I can on the one hand bring you more pictures and on the other hand improve my equipment.