Zombie Walk Aachen

By pure coincidence I became aware of this event in the middle of last week and I thought “why not?” At least it would be a possibility to test the low light capabilities of my camera in pretty bad conditions.

So I got my ass up and went to the place, where all the fun should start: the Katschhof, a square between the Aachen Cathedral and the town hall. At first I tried to take some pictures with the 70-200mm which was impossible to handle because it was practically in the middle of the night. So I equipped my camera with a flash, but the extra light was destroying the atmosphere of the shots so I finally took pictures with the 24-70mm, without the flash and at in my experience with other cameras purely insane ISO numbers. In the end I am rather happy with the outcome, even though the pictures contain allot of grain, but on the one hand I wouldn’t have been able to take these pictures with the old D300, and on the other hand it is only grain and even at a 100% crop of the images there is no colour noise visible so I am rather happy to have the D800

The event in itself also was a lot of fun since the participants put quit allot of effort in their costumes and make up and when when I took a short cut to get to the front of the mass, a rather scared child ran past me and away from the zombie masses. Mission accomplished I would say…

But finally the rest of the pictures and as always if you like them, press the flattr button beneath the gallery.