Thrash the Rainbow 2012

So it finally happened: I shot my first concert!

A little bit more than a month ago, I was at the SAP, a student party celebrated at the beginning of each winter semester, and at some point someone gave me a flyer of some small metal gig here in Aachen. Again at home I started to research that gig a little bit and thought: Why not ask whether I would be allowed to take some pictures.

After a little bit of waiting, I got an OK and so I went to a small community centre to try out something new. After all, it was a fun evening and, if I don’t forget, I will be there next year.

Although there were some difficulties: At first it was a really small place, which is pretty cool if you come to watch the show and listen to the music. But since the stage was so small, it was really hard to get separated pictures of each band member. How hard you tried, always a headstock, an elbow or a head in the frame. And since there was no press pit, especially when Dark Crusade as head liner were playing, I had to shot over the head banging crowd at the edge of the stage. And finally there was the lighting. Due to the small place there were only two lines of lights at both sides of the stage, which gave a not the best light to the bands. But if you don’t want to take pictures, this place is just great: There is on way to get nearer to the bands with out climbing the stage!

So after all, it was a great evening with great music. To get to more pictures, just follow the links in the running order bellow or use the arrow on the right.

(These posts will follow in a short wile)

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