Caving trip to Jura

It was quite a while since my last post here, but finally there are some new images to see.

Since now one year, I am an active member of SAGA, the speleology club local to Aachen, and so it happened that I went on at trip to Jura in France to some of the huge number of caves there. We stayed at a house in Amathay-Vésigneux and from there I joined in the adventure of exploring a total of six caves in six days. A quite demanding, but not to hard program.

Unfortunately, since I do not yet posses the necessary equipment to safely transport my camera within caves, I was not able to take photos within them. So except for one, there are no pictures from within caves. But this is am drawback, which I hope to eliminate within this year.

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the presented photos and if so you might also press the flattr button beneath this post.