Dorffest zum Ende des Siebenjährigen Krieges

If you are following this blog, you should know that I’m a big fan of historical reenactment. I even managed to drag my parents into the reenactor community and they started to be much more active within it then I with my limited resources could accomplish. Like most if not all reenactors within Germany we started doing events set in medieval times but since the quality for most of them here in Germany is so horrifically bad (there are nearly no real historical reenactment events but only medieval fairs) I more and more lost interest in it and nowadays I join in to about one or two medieval events a year.

My parents on the other hand got some time ago the offer to join in on a event set within the era of the Seven Years’ War and so they slowly started to get acquainted with the community revolved around this era. Nearly two years ago I visited them at an event in Minden at which I also took photos and wrote a small post here. I was fascinated by the level of authenticity they achieve and since since the lack of it is the main reason for me to dislike medieval fairs, I naturally wanted to take part and join this community. My first event as active participant was the “Zeitreise ins 18. Jahrhundert” in Fulda. I didn’t write about it here, but posted pictures at my flickr page and you can see them over there.

And so in the beginning of May I found myself at the “Mühlenhof-Freilichtmuseum”, an open-air museum exhibiting besides some other old buildings also several different mills and for the following four days about 70 reenactors celebrating the end of the Seven Years’ War (and since we were at it also three silver weddings).

It was allot of fun although the weather might have been better. It wasn’t really bad either, but a bit to cold and especially since on Friday only very view people visited the museum you could easily get a cold back while sitting around and thinking what to do. But whenever there where people visiting there always was quite allot of action and an huge number of little things going on all around the the museum: a blacksmith working the forge, nobility strolling around and all the time there were some of the soldiers marching, exercising or just enjoying their time off duty. Not to forget all the other people bustling around.

After all it was a really nice event and I can’t await the second weekend in august when the doors to the “Zeitreise ins 18. Jahrhundert” will again open its door at palace Fasanerie near Fulda.