Winterleuchten Dortmund

Some time around Christmas my brother mentioned the Winterleuchten at the Westfalenpark in Dortmund and that he planed on going there to take some pictures. But since I didn’t hear anything about it from him afterwards, I thought it would be off the table. The weather also wasn’t very inviting, so I wasn’t too disappointed.

So it all the more surprising when I got a mail from him about going, especially since it should have been close for a week. But because of the bad weather they were not able to fire the fireworks, they planed to celebrate the end of the event.

And so it was that one Saturday in January we met in Dortmund at took the subway to get get to Westfalenpark and take some pictures. The whole show was not to interesting and also there were allot of people to see the fireworks which made it quite difficult to take some nice pictures. To have more time, we decided to skip the fireworks and go on taking pictures of the light installations. There also wasn’t to much to be missed since you can’t really ignore fireworks and it wasn’t a to impressive one on top. But we used the time and got at least a few nice pictures.

The next interesting event will take place in a cave in Iserlohn, but since this wasn’t to overwhelming I am not sure whether I will attend it. Also the fact of it being in a cave might make up for it.