About me


my name is Björn Guth and at the moment I am student at the RWTH Aachen University in Aix-La-Chapelle, Germay.

I took photos for some time using the camera of my father (in the beginning a Nikon D70s, later a Nikon D300) but since I moved out, they weren’t as well available as at the times I lived with my parents. So, for two years, I didn’t have the best opportunity to take photos and also I took a Pentacon six TL with me, for variable reasons I didn’t take the time to shoot photos. But since I now have a Nikon D800, there should more pictures coming up now.

So to come to the equipment, I take photos with at the moment:

The Pentacon six TL: A camera, which is probably older then I am (I have to ask my father about this…) and takes photos on middle format film. Also it is only for manual use, so no automatic for anything. A good piece to learn working in manual mode for future cameras. Also I own a Biometar with a focal length of 80mm an a maximal aperture of 2.8 and a Flektogon f4/50mm. Both produced by Carl Zeiss in Jena in times when Jena was still in the GDR. The Nikon D800: Since a short time, I am now in possession of a NIkon D800, a full frame 35mm DSLR. So far I didn’t do that much pictures with it, but never the less I have to say it is an amazing camera, especially with the 24-70 f2,8 and the 70-200 f2,8 from Nikon, which I also own.

So I hope there will be much more pictures coming in the future and I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed taking them.